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Near Visual LED Chart

Code : GI - 028 - 01


  • Distance of Testing : 40cm
  • The Average brightness of visual chart is from 80 to 320cd/m2
  • The equibility of brightness of visual chart ≥ 0.85
  • The voltage of charger is AC220V-50HZ
  • Parts of the Structure : LED Light source, chart box and chart

    Function : Used to test near vision.


  • When testing the near vision, the tester should keep away with the chart for 40cm,
  • Our chart equipe with a power adapter, the output voltage of the adapter is 3.7V.800mA
  • To Prolong the lifetime of chart, Please turnoff when you do not use
  • If there is dust on the chart, Please wipe it to keep clean
  • Keep the chart on a stable and smooth table , avoid crashed and scratched